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Nominations for the 2011 Awards Are Now Open!

There have been a few changes to the rules this year to hopefully make the awards more user-friendly.  Changes will be noted in bold red font.  If you have any questions, please email any of the maintainers of the community for clarification.

Ground Rules:

* Fanfiction written between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011 is eligible. For WIPs, at least one chapter of the longer work must have been originally published during the qualifying period.  (We are no longer allowing fic published in June to be eligible for two years' awards.)
* Any story which won an award in any previous year is not eligible for the same award in the current year, regardless of whether newer chapters were published during the qualifying period.  (Final Winners List 2010)
* Any person who won an award in the Best People category in the preceeding year is not eligible for the same award in the current year.  In other words, the Best Author, Best Beta, and Best Reviewer categories cannot be won by the same person in consecutive years.
* You may nominate a different moment of the same fic that won last year's Best Moment Category provided that the moment you are nominating was written during the current year.
* The stories may be hosted anywhere online.
* The main focus of the story must be the Superman Movieverse (not including Smallville, Lois and Clark, comicverse, etc).
* Writers may not nominate their own fanfiction for any category.
* Nominations will be accepted between June 1, 2011and June 27, 2011, 11:59pm EDT.  You may nominate up to 4 fics per category.  It is not necessary to nominate for every category, but it would be appreciated.
* Authors may not compete against themselves in any category.  If more than one of an author's stories are nominated for the same category, the maintainers may contact the author to determine which story goes on the final ballot.
* The top five fics nominated in each category will be placed onto the final ballot. If there are 7 or more fics nominated, at the maintainers' discretion the category will be split into two final categories separated by length.  This will not apply to Length categories.
            - For example, suppose Best Love Scene has 8 nominations.  The fics would be separated by length, and the final ballot would show Best Love Scene (Long) for fics over 5,000 words and Best Love Scene (Short) for fics under 5,000 words.  Actual word count for the break may vary depending on the fics nominated.
* If a runoff ballot is necessary - for Length categories or any other reason - it will take place between June 28, 2011 and June 30, 2011.
* Voting will take place between July 1, 2011 and July 14, 2011 using a non-LJ-affiliated survey service.
* Awards will be announced on July 16, 2011.

Please do not "Join" the community! All participants may nominate and comment on this entry, either using OpenID, LJ username or Anonymous. Instead, LJ users should click "Watch This Community" to stay up-to-date on the nomination and voting process.

Nomination Categories:

Length: (Must be complete except for Epic)
--Best Overall Super-Short (100-500 words)
--Best Overall Ficlet (500-2,000 words)
--Best Overall Short (2,000-10,000 words)
--Best Overall Mid-Length (10,000-50,000 words)
--Best Overall Epic (50,000 words plus)

Genres/Pairings: (Any length or WIP can be nominated in these categories)
--Best Fluff
--Best Action
--Best Angst/Drama
--Best Humor
--Best Family-Oriented
--Best Clois Romance
--Best Non-Clois Het Romance
--Best Slash/Femslash Romance

Moments: (Any length or WIP)
--Best Kiss
--Best Love Scene
--Best Cliffhanger
--Best Reveal
--Best Parenting (not limited to Clark or Lois with Jason, could also include OCs or the previous generation, i.e. Jor-El or Jonathan Kent with Clark)
--Best One Liner
--Best Ending (for completed fic)

Technique/Characters/Other: (Any length or WIP; consider the fic as a whole for these categories, as opposed to moments)
--Best Dialogue
--Best Description
--Best Plotting
--Best Canon Characterization (nominate the fic that you feel best captures the canon characters – Lois, Clark, etc)
--Best Use of Supporting Characters
--Best Villain
--Best Original Character
--Best WIP of any length
--Best Completed fic of any length
--Best Series (two or more works in the same related 'universe', sequel or otherwise)

--Best Overall Author
--Best Beta
--Best Reviewer

Submitting Your Nominations:

* Submit your nominations in comments to this entry.
* Please indicate "Nomination Ballot" in the Subject Heading of your comment.
* You may nominate up to four fics per category.
* You do not need to nominate in every category.
* Make sure your nominations are clearly marked for each category.
* Include the URL of the fic (or chapter of the fic for specific moments) in your nomination.
* For moments, please be as specific as possible about where it is located (chapter number, thread page, etc).
* If you are unfamiliar with LJ, click "Leave a Comment" to make your nominations. (If you don't have an LJ account, please be sure to sign your anonymous comment somehow with your username from other sites at the bottom of your nomination list.)
* Comments will be screened. Non LJ-users should leave an email address in the comment if you would like confirmation that your nomination was received.

Let the nominating begin and the Awards get underway! Please continue to list your eligible stories here, and promote this event in your LJs and story updates this month; we want as wide a spectrum of fandom as possible. Thanks!

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