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05 June 2010 @ 05:01 pm
Quick update!  
It's June, time for the Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards!  I'm filling in for the lovely brdwaybebe  until she returns from vacation.  I've got a couple of announcements to make.
  • Promotional banners and icons, as well as nominee banners and awards banners, will soon be in production. brdwaybebe  and januaried  are fantastic graphics makers and have volunteered their services.

  • The eligible fic post is up - authors, this is a good time to comment there with a link to your index of eligible fic or to individual stories.  Make it easier for readers to find your work!

  • Nominations should be open on Monday, June 7th - there will be some new categories and possibly a few other changes as well, so keep your eyes on this community for further details.